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Virtual Universe Pro


Software to simulate and model automated machines

Creating powerful 3D simulations of technical systems has never been easier, your users will live unprecedented immersive experiences while benefiting from the best high-quality rendering technologies and support for virtual reality headsets.

The application you need:


Control the simulations with a real programmable logic controller, automation software or a virtual controller integrated into Virtual Universe Pro.


What can be done with Virtual Universe Pro?


More than 60 predefined objects:

For each object, an optimized interface made up of inputs, outputs and parameters allows you to easily control the object from an automation program. The configuration of each object is accessible and modifiable, this allows you to redefine the characteristics of library objects and understand how to create your own objects. You can also mix library objects with your own creations made from your usual CAD software.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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Test the object before writing the program

Control panels allow you to manually control the objects as well as to observe the various associated states. They have the double utility of being able to test the operation of objects before creating the program that will use them and also of simulating failures.

De nombreux modèles de robots


Total immersion:

All the objects are compatible with the use of a virtual reality headset. The controllers associated with the helmet allow full immersion and interaction.


The different versions of Virtual Universe Pro

Comparison chart




Possible use of robot libraries and gateways



Using the 60 Preset Objects



Importing 3D geometries



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