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For fun, to learn, and much more ...

The mBot simulator is the essential companion for robotics discovery activities around this robot.


MBot is a registered trademark of MakeBloc

From 8 Euros

The student identifies, tests the elements of the drone and develops programs that can be used in the same way as on the real drone.

From 3 Euros
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From 8 Euros


Create simulations of existing or purely imaginary robots in a few clicks. Create challenges for your students.

Virtual Universe Pro

From 12 Euros

Innovative software allowing the modeling and simulation of automated machines in a 3D environment integrating physical simulation.

Automsim Premium is a software to create diagrams and simulations for the following technologies: electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and digital electronics.

From 3 Euros

From 9 Euros

Pack: Automsim is integrated into Automgen environment.

Allowing a realistic simulation in a physical environment, this simulator makes it possible to identify and test the elements of the robot

Codey Rocky is a registered trademark of MakeBlock

From 3 Euros

Automgen is the benchmark for universal automation software. This software has continued to evolve to take advantage of the latest technologies.

From 7 Euros

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