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Our software for university

For fun, to learn, and much more ...


Robot simulation

Create simulations of existing or purely imaginary robots in a few clicks. Create challenges for your students. Here are some of the activities offered by miranda.




Automgen is the benchmark for universal automation software. Created 30 years ago, this software has continued to evolve to take advantage of the latest technologies available.


MBot robot simulator

Simulation of a robot

The mBot simulator is the essential companion to discover robotics activities around this robot.

MBot is a registered trademark of MakeBloc


Automsim Premium

Creation of diagrams and simulations

Automsim Premium is a software to create diagrams and simulations for the following technologies: electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and digital electronics.


Virtual Universe Pro

Simulation of automated machines

Virtual Universe Pro is an innovative software allowing the modeling and the simulation of automated machines in a 3D environment integrating the physical simulation.



Software Pack

The IRAI software suite is the best of IRAI software with innovations to meet the requirements of new National Education programs.

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