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A software to simulate all your robots and create challenges

Create simulations of existing or purely imaginary robots in a few clicks. Share your creations with your friends. Create challenges for your students. Here are some of the activities offered by miranda.

The application you need:

Logiciel Miranda, Mbot, Tello, Dash, LEGO Codey rocky,


Why simulating STEM robots?

The interest of simulation is not to replace real STEM robots but rather to enrich activities with the possibility of simulating more robots and also to create challenges.
This last point is very important because it allows students to train alone, to face the succession of failures and successes by programming robots with Scratch or Python.

Logiciel Miranda, Mbot, Tello, Dash, LEGO, Codey Rocky

Motivation is a key point in learning, knowing how to program an STEM robot is good, being able to carry out a specific mission while respecting a set point is even better.
Whether it is with robots or predefined drones offered in Miranda (Mbot, Thymio, Ozobot, Lego, Dash, Edison, etc.) or purely virtual robots, students can experiment at will.
Simulation is not reality enemy, it allows you to enrich activities on real equipment and also to work when real resources are not accessible. The behaviors tested in Scratch or Python can be exploited on real STEM robots.
Creating your own simulations is also learning to create educational content for others with the desire to make them advance and to distract them intelligently.
Creating your own simulated STEM robots also means experimenting with mechanical solutions and using them in simulations to analyze their behavior.


The reasons why you will choose Miranda

Logiciel Miranda, Mbot, Tello, Dash, LEGO, Codey Rocky.

The key points:

Scratch Python

Use Scratch or Python

Each of the systems simulated in Miranda can be programmed in Scratch or Python.

Interactive editors are directly integrated into the application. When the simulation is launched, the progress of the program is directly displayed on the Scratch program thus facilitating the debugging.

Miranda Robot

Many robot models

Codok, Edison, Dash, Tello drone,  Lego, Ozobot, Thymio, etc.

Create your own robot models and use robots created by other users.

Create to infinity.

exercice programmation


existing challenges

What could be more motivating than learning to code while solving challenges?

Train on virtual courses before participating in robotic contests.

Challenge your friends or your students by submitting your own creations to them.

Programmation Education

Online backup

Don't worry about storing your robot models, simulations and challenges, everything is stored in the cloud. Likewise, the software can be used from a simple Internet browser.

Programmation robot

Programming real robots

Real robots can also be programmed directly from Miranda: mBot, Lego Ev3, Codok, Maqueen. The same languages and programs used to drive the simulations are transferred and run inside the real robots.


Can I simulate robots that are not available in Miranda library?

Miranda offers in its Premium edition a system editor to add your own robots.

Great, but what is this app really for?

Using real robots is good, simulating them is also exciting. If you are a teacher, you will be able to discover the interest of simulating programs before testing them on real robots. Simulation also opens up the possibility of simulating large quantities and varieties of robots.

The different versions of Miranda

Comparison chart


One robot



Number of users





Number of simulations you can






Create your own






Share your simulations





Robot models





Discover exercises for your students

Introduce your students to the Scratch language through simple exercises.

Example: moving a robot forward, backward. Guided tutorials to help students use scratch blocks and follow instructions.

Video in english 

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