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Simulateur robot Codey Rocky

Imulator Codey Rocky

For fun, to learn, and much more ...


Software to simulate the Codey Rocky "Codey Rocky is a trademarks of MakeBlock"

The Codey Rocky** simulator is a great addon for robotic discovery activities.

Allowing realistic simulation in a physical environment, this simulator makes it possible to identify and test the elements of the robot: motors, sensors, leds.

The simulated robot can be programmed with a software like Scratch to develop behaviors. The developed programs can also be used in the same way with a real robot and a virtual robot.

The application you need:

Simulateur robot Codey Rocky

The simplicity of installation and use

Another key point is the simplicity for installation and use. To install on a network, a simple sharing or a simple duplication of the installation directory is sufficient. 

The use of the simulator makes it possible to get rid of parasitic operating constraints such as discharged batteries or out of order hardware degrading the work of teachers.

Simulateur robot Codey Rocky

Why choose Codey Rocky simulator for your students?

The simulation phase before using a real robot allows the student to make the link between virtual and real and thus to fix the differences between these two modes: ability to easily perform a large number of simulation tests for example .

This mixed usage: need of a real experiment and simulation benefit are thus clearly exposed to the learner.

Simulateur robot Codey Rocky
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