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Miranda, logiciel, robot


Robot simulation

Create simulations of existing or purely imaginary robots in a few clicks. Create challenges for your students. Here are some of the activities offered by miranda.

Drone Tello, logiciel, robot

Tello drone simulator

Drone simulation

The student identifies, tests the elements of the drone and develops programs that can be used in the same way as on the real drone.

mBot, logiciel, robot

MBot robot simulator

Simulation of a robot

The mBot simulator is the essential companion to discover robotics activities around this robot.

MBot is a registered trademark of MakeBloc

Codey Rocky, logiciel, robot

Codey Rocky robot simulator

Simulation of a robot

Allowing a realistic simulation in a physical environment, this simulator makes it possible to identify and test the elements of the robot (motors, sensors, LEDs, etc.).

Codey Rocky is a registered trademark of MakeBlock

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